Friday, April 10, 2009

Summer Classes

Here is an opportunity for you to expand your creativity to a much wider scope.

Join Muralidhar at his studio from 15th june to 20th july, 10am to 5pm - Monday to Friday and learn to make exquisite art pieces, murals, decorative items that you can proudly call as your own.

Shaping Art Out Of Waste!!

Nothing on this earth would be waste in the hands of K. Muralidhar. For, he transforms broken PVC pipes, cardboard pieces, thermacol and even cork less beer bottles into fine art pieces.

And they include paintings of isolated old forts against the backdrop of the setting sun; women on the roadside resting under a tree, green foliage, and tiled roof, all tumbled out on the canvas. The images from a rural landscape spring into life and remain fresh forever and only a keen eye would enable one to differentiate it from being a waste piece of cardboard. Thanks to the special clay, which he has created.

Any anatomy or landscape is possible with this. Above all, it is ecofriendly. The ceramic powder, which is commonly used in embosed paintings, is heavy and can be done only on walls and it has no shelf life either. With Muralidhar’s clay - embossed painting is easy. Beginners or those who are not associated with painting can also enjoy creating master pieces of their own as the clay is very simple to handle and Muralidhar's teaching are easy to follow. One can mould this clay into any shape and can also add vegetable colours for furnishing the art piece. It all depends on how it is applied.

To learn this unique three-dimensional art, students irrespective of age group throng at his studio at Sindhi Colony. His charges are nominal and he provides students with everything that they require, from canvas, paint, raw materials to the brush.