His Art

K. Muralidhar works in various mediums. His art comprises of nature, be it landscape, portrait or the human figure; culture, be it Indian or international, sculptures, murals and to a small extent - abstract. His work displays the classical values of equilibrium and harmony through fine drawing and carving, through painting and sculpting but all with careful attention to brilliance and distinctiveness.

His art covers:
» Oil Paintings
» Clay Paintings
» Sculptures
» Murals
» Glass Paintings
» Fabric art
» Portraits
» Watercolors
» Drawings
» Home decoratives (e.g. wall hangings)

As well as preparing art for his own interest, the artist accepts orders and conducts exihibitions for his work. Muralidhar works from life and surroundings and the art would be prepared in a minimum of a day for each painting of 11.693" x 16.535" size. He mainly indulges in Clay paintings