About the Artist

Mr. K. Muralidhar is a professional artist. With firm roots provided to him from JNTU, Hyderabad, in Fine Arts, when he graduated in 1981, he has branched out to various forms of art and has mastered most of the dimensions of this field.

Based out of Hyderabad, Mr. K. Muralidhar carries with him 25 years of rich and varied experience in art. He has won many accolades in the various participation of proving his talent. Having worked in this area, both commercially and as professional dedicated artist, he has encompassed all areas of oil painting, glass and fabric painting, murals, sculptures, pottery, clay paintings and other decorative items. He was also the R&D specialist at Greetwell cards before once again setting up his own work.

He believes art is a constant cycle of learning and adapting, and hence in his journey to learn more he has mixed, matched and experimented a lot and has invented a special type of clay. This is an end result of his experiments trying to make eco-friendly clay. This special clay is a mixture of recycled material which is very soft, light in weight, un-crack-able, anti fungus and does not require baking.

He has thoroughly implemented it for around 5-6 years. This clay can give art a 3D effect – embossed look, making the picture come to life. It can be used on any surface such as a regular canvas, bottles, pvc pipes, pearlpets and also thermacol sheets of any size. Some of his masterpieces includes The seven wonders of the world, The Golkonda Fort, Rajasthani paintings, Landscapes and many more in 3D effect. The clay he invented has been a huge success as this clay can be easily molded in any form or shape, in accordance to the reputation of the clay many institutions and individuals have purchased this clay for their 3D paintings and sculptures. In his Studio/painting institute at Sindhi Colony, he has trained several students of different ages and many of them have now ventured to this field of profession. “There are no bounds to his creativity” is a common praise he receives from his students.

3D clay gives a whole new meaning to ART. The invention of 3D clay has given art lovers the opportunity to expand their creativity to a much wider scope.

Muralidhar can be contacted on +919866572242 or at his Studio in Sindhi Colony.

Plot No. 26, Sindhi Colony;
PG Road, Secunderabad – 500003; A.P, India
Studio: 040 27895600; Res: 040 27053606


  1. great but how is 3d clay formed is not given anywhere in the blog...neither basics of the clay art?......if few things are posted...while we make it at home and interest will be more to learn more....

  2. how to prepare the clay..can u give us instructions?do we find it in shops or do we have to prepare it?

  3. i always love ur art sir... missing ur teaching..

  4. where do we find echo friendly clay pls i kindly request u to say about that.

  5. can a 12 year child who is interested in art wants to join your summer classes.Can u let me know when do they begin.

  6. Dear Muppidi: this medium of art is taught by me at my studio in Sindhi Colony. I would be happy to take you through the process if your interested. Clay art is a complete art form. It can be taught through demos. i will take your suggestion and see hows basics can be displayed here.

    Dear Divya: this clay is manufactured and supplied by me. it is Rs. 60/- per packet. please do call me at my number if interested. we also supply to cities other than hyderabad.

    Dear Jaya: thank you :)

    Dear Sandhya: you can reach me for this echo friendly clay. my contact details are posted in this blog. we supply in bulk too.

    Dear Kavitha: please do reach me at my studio number. we can discuss.

  7. i first saw your art in etv2 sakhi...i was very impressed, and i would grab the 1st oppuhrtunity to learn this extraordinary art from you.. i am a resident in bhilai , chattisgarh.

  8. Awesome work.....very creative.....

  9. hello sir,i saw ur art in etv2 sakhi today.It was awesome....i wanna the clay which you are using.Please tell me how can i get it....It would be better if u arrange the workshop in vizag as sme people cant reach hyd ...so please think sir..........

  10. hi sir.,
    i hav seen ur art in etv sakshi today ...iwas so impressed .. sir i am very intrested in learning ur art..and hw can i get ur ecofriendly clay..i am a resident of hyd only..

  11. Hi Sir

    I have seen your art in Internet Our family is impressed to your art. My daughter is 11 years is interesting to learn your art.
    please give full details in our mail
    Mobile 9346906067
    e-mail vasu_svti@rediffmail.com

  12. Hi Sir,
    Your art is awesome and supb. By seeing your art I was impressed to learn the clay art. But I am not the resident of Hyd. Do you have an online teaching facility...

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  14. hi sir,
    i was your old student hope u remember me...
    sir i have come to U.S for masters, so is it possible for you to send the clay packets if i provide the adress...plz let me know

  15. oh will u send clay to banglore ha ........ how is the charge for the courier plz tell me the charge and all . how many days we can use tht clay

  16. ive made a ganesha for puja..turned out exlnt. thx sir